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Pharmacy Media

Pharmacies have increasingly moved in on the FMCG ground traditionally held by some smaller grocery stores.
One of the reasons that pharmacies are growing is that they offer a wide range of products at reasonable prices, as well as often providing greater convenience than supermarkets by generally being closer to where customers live.

Pharmacists also provide consumers with some health and purchase guidance, and so are seen as a trusted source of advice. This trust can also be transferred to brands which are stocked or promoted within pharmacies.

Window Sign

Many pharmacies are located on busy roads. This media captures the attention of traffic and can also provide the first form of brand communication as shoppers enter the pharmacy, reminding consumers that pharmacies are not only a source of pharmaceutical products, they are a source of key FMCG products too.

Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics are the perfect complement for Windows Signs. IML offers a range of "Path to Purchase" media; where you grab the attention of your customers through the window or as they enter the pharmacy, and then guide them to the product via the Floor Graphics.

Category Banners

Category Banners are a successful means of raising in-store brand awareness. They tie in all marketing activities at the shelf, helping locate your product and creating the impression that your brand is the “Category Captain”. From a merchandising perspective they also help you protect your shelf space and fight competitor shelf erosion.

Digital Screens

A single digital screen placed at the shelf or a number of screens networked together in multiple locations throughout the store will increase consumer exposure to a brand. This is an incredibly versatile medium that can be tailored to suit your communications, or used to keep consumers up-to-date with the latest location-appropriate information. IML can add even more value to the Digital Screen experience, by placing screens on counters, ensuring marketing messages are seen right up to the point of payment.

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The IML Group signs an Exclusive Regional Media Agreement with Fitness First.

This is an incredibly exciting regional collaboration as the IML Group specialises in creating unique and targeted marketing initiatives and Fitness First is a world leading fitness club with an attractive demographic of active members.

The possibilities to create fun and energetic ways for brands to engage with the 70,000 Fitness First members are boundless. How strong is your business core?

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