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Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

More than 70% of buying decisions are made at the shelf.

While many shoppers use a list to aid frequent grocery shopping visits, these lists are often generalised into category or item to purchase, wry few write a brand name. IML's in-store network is the largest in KSA. Covering a network of more than 100 "A class" Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. This in-store network means that we have a wide mach and places supermarket and hypermarket in-store branding firmly at the heart of IML's media portfolio.

Category Banners

Category Banners are a successful means of raising in-store brand awareness. They tie in all marketing activities at the shelf, helping locate your product and creating the impression that your brand is the 'Category Captain'. From a merchandising perspective they also help you protect your she space and fight competitor shell erosion.

Shelf Display Units (SDUs)

The key to effective SDUs is in the lighting. SDU signs are visible from a distance and as such are useful for 'store navigation', but can be used to add eye-catching effects to a brand display creating a 'Halo Effect', making the category attractive and catching consumers' attention.

Trolly Advertising

Trolley advertising is one of the most effective ways to create in-store brand awareness. Trolley advertising is the only medium that provides extreme focus ad-space for the entire duration of the shopping experience, giving a brand solid in-store exposure.

Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics literally stop shoppers in their tracks and ensure your marketing activities continue to influence consumers' purchasing decisions right to the shelf.
Unique positioning and presentation of eye-catching Floor Graphics ensure a brand realty stands out. As well as traditional fiat Floor Graphics, we can also create images with a 3 dimensional feel to increase the 'wow!' factor.


Shelf Dressing frames highlights large product sections, product groups or an entire brand family.
Using vertical and horizontal media to separate your brand in the cluttered shelf environment, Shelf Dressing creates a highly visible presence at point of purchase, raising brand and product awareness.

Checkout Signs

Checkout Signs at the exit of a store are a high-impact visual marketing tool, catching the eye of the shopper as they queue, continuing brand exposure even as the consumer is leaving the retail environment.
The size and position of Checkout Signs makes this a powerful marketing medium and can maximise the effectiveness of promotional events and other in-store activities.

Hanging Banners

Located exclusively in high traffic areas within the mall, these dramatic, vertical format advertising displays are suspended from the ceiling, offering uninterrupted line of sight in both directions, creating maximum visibility and impact.

Freezer Arches

Freezers have always presented a challenge in terms of branding, point of sale communication and visibility.
Freezer Arches and Banners accentuate the position of the product by indicating the division in the category in which the participating brand is listed. This media type is location specific and as such is primarily used by products displayed in or close to the freezers.

Customised Gondola Display

The Gondola Display is situated at the end of a store aisle and offers a large area to maximise brand exposure, away from competing brands that ordinarily share the same shelf space. The use of innovative and unique brand displays, as well as promoters and product sampling, provides shoppers greater opportunity to interact veith your brand, making it ideal for product launches.

Aisle Dressing and Arches

Aisle Dressing and Arches create a unique atmosphere, decorating the aisle in an eye-catching, innovative way.
Aisle Dressing highlights the brand, product or offer when shoppers are facing the shelf. In addition, they are an ideal platform to introduce new brands, new packaging, new sizes, new features, new variants as well as new line extensions of your brand.

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This is an incredibly exciting regional collaboration as the IML Group specialises in creating unique and targeted marketing initiatives and Fitness First is a world leading fitness club with an attractive demographic of active members.

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