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The most effective place to educate your customers about your business. Washroom advertising catches your audience at the rare time each day when they are literally craving for something to read

  • Lifestyle targeted
  • Captive Audience –Long and effective impact
  • One on one communication
  • No Clutter
  • Exclusivity
  • Gender targeted
  • Direct response
  • Point Of Sale

Washroom Advertising vs Other Mall Media's

High Recall of Washrooms ads –more than double vs to other media.
Mall Billboard, Banners & Promoters stands comes in a distant second

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

Glitz (Danube Properties)

RiTZ (Danube Properties)




Case Study August 2017 - AXE

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The IML Group signs an Exclusive Regional Media Agreement with Fitness First.

This is an incredibly exciting regional collaboration as the IML Group specialises in creating unique and targeted marketing initiatives and Fitness First is a world leading fitness club with an attractive demographic of active members.

The possibilities to create fun and energetic ways for brands to engage with the 70,000 Fitness First members are boundless. How strong is your business core?

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