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IML adds 18 Power Retailers to their universe

IML increases the size of its Hyper and Supermarket universe by adding 18 new power retailers.

Background Information: Saudi Food Retail is expected to reach $70 billion by 2016 and is expected to sustain a combined annual growth of 18.5 percent, driven by a rising population and strong consumer spend. (Saudi Gazette).
Clients have shared with IMLwhere their sales volumes come from.

As such IML has targeted these outlets and added them to our circuit. tvlany are Hypermarkets in cities ,vhere retail competition is not as intensive asin the three major population center's.

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The IML Group signs an Exclusive Regional Media Agreement with Fitness First.

This is an incredibly exciting regional collaboration as the IML Group specialises in creating unique and targeted marketing initiatives and Fitness First is a world leading fitness club with an attractive demographic of active members.

The possibilities to create fun and energetic ways for brands to engage with the 70,000 Fitness First members are boundless. How strong is your business core?

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